PacWest Compassionate Care Fund

Our Mission

At Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center, our purpose is to increase the quality of life of pets, their human families, and veterinarians. We are a place that dedicates itself to recognizing the sanctity of the human-animal bond and through a long-term commitment to our purpose and vision, we succeed as a veterinary clinic that never stops providing quality care. To ensure this, we have teamed up with the Veterinary Care Foundation and established the PacWest Compassionate Care Fund. With this fund, 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards families experiencing financial hardship whose pet is in need of emergency or specialty veterinary care. We believe that our patients and clients, no matter their financial background, should be entitled to the very best in specialty medicine and critical care.

While everything possible is done to award The Compassionate Care Fund status to all who seek it, it is important to remember our Fund is 100% donations based. Availability of funds may be limited and is subject to application, approval and other criteria and isn’t guaranteed.

We are currently experiencing a large volume of cases and longer wait times. Please call ahead at 360-635-5302.