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May 18, 2021

NVA Compassion-First pet hospital taking shape in east Vancouver

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Here are our top 3 tips for National Pet Poison Prevention Week:1) Gain knowledge on the common items that can harm your pets. This is a great resource provided by the AAHA: Now that you know what items in your household can harm your pet, pet proof your home and immediate surroundings. Throw these items away or ensure they are out of paws reach.3) Sharing this valuable information with your friends and loved ones will also help keep their pets safe from possible dangers.BONUS TIP! 🌟 Be prepared by saving our contact information along with the ASPCA Poison Control Center phone number in case you experience a poison related emergency (or any emergency) with your pet.Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center - (360) 635-5302ASPCA Poison Control Center (888) 426-4435 ... See MoreSee Less
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This cute pup wants to know if we are hiring any new "dog-tors"! Kenzie is a 7 yr old female spayed Golden Retriever who presented to the Pacific Northwest Pet ER and Specialty Center for surgical removal of a mast cell tumor (MCT) that had spread to a local lymph node. Kenzie received chemotherapy through our medical oncology service in order to shrink the tumor, treat the lymph node, and to improve her chances of success with surgical removal. Kenzie did GREAT for 2 months receiving both oral and intravenous (IV) chemotherapy with no reported side effects. Her tumor decreased in size, and she had surgery performed to remove the remaining tumor and lymph node. She did great after surgery with no concerns. Kenzie is now 4 months out from surgery, and we are delighted to report she has no new tumors and no evidence of spread to other parts of her body! Mast cell tumors (MCT) are the most common skin tumor in dogs. The most common type of MCT is low-grade, which means these tumors have a low chance of spreading to other parts of the body, and most can be cured with appropriate surgical removal. High-grade mast cell tumors are uncommon but have a high rate of spread to other parts of the body such as local lymph nodes and the spleen, so imaging and tissue sampling is often recommended to help guide therapy and prognosis. As always, each tumor in each patient is unique to them, and so it is important to talk with your veterinary team about any new masses you find in your pet. To learn more about our Oncology services, please visit: ... See MoreSee Less
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March is National Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month and today kicks off Pet Poison Prevention Week. We’ll be sharing information over the next week about the potential dangers of pet poisonings and how to prevent them. In the event of a poisoning or toxin exposure, quick action and expert advice are critical. We recommend you save numbers and addresses in your phone for your veterinarian, your nearest emergency animal hospital, and a poison control hotline. Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center is OPEN 24/7 - (360) 635-5302 The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is staffed by board-certified veterinary toxicologists and specialist technicians and is available every day 24/7. They can be reached at (888) 426-4435 The Pet Poison Helpline is also available 24/7 and can be reached at (855) 764-7661 *consultation fees may apply for helpline calls ... See MoreSee Less
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