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Pacific Northwest Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (PACWVETS)


We are an emergency and veterinary specialty hospital available and fully staffed with experienced veterinarians and support staff 365 days a year. You can count on us to provide continuous care and monitoring for your pet.

At Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center, we understand that pets are members of the family. This is why our doctors and medical staff strive to exceed expectations and perform around-the-clock medical care that utilizes the most up-to-date and advanced innovations in veterinary medicine.

We work closely with your primary veterinarian to provide your pet with a complete healthcare team. You can rest easy knowing that your pet is in the most capable hands.

Our Emergency Team

What To Expect


COVID-19: Please let us know immediately if you are exhibiting signs of respiratory illness (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or if you’ve had a recent exposure to COVID-19. We will provide the same care to your pet regardless. Taking extra precautions will help us keep our staff safe and healthy so they are available to care for patients. Our staff will wear masks when interacting with all clients.

When you arrive, please check in with the front desk staff. If you have been asked to wait in your vehicle or your pet is exhibiting symptoms that may indicate a communicable disease (kennel cough, parvovirus, upper respiratory infections in cats, etc), please park in a numbered parking spot and call 360-653-5302 to check in. Our staff will help you complete the check-in process and any necessary paperwork.

If you have a young pet who has not been fully vaccinated, please let our staff know.

Please bring your cat in a carrier. If you do not have a carrier, please notify our staff and we can provide a cardboard carrier for you.


Patients will be seen by a veterinarian in order of priority, with patients needing immediate lifesaving care (respiratory distress, etc.) taking priority over stable patients needing urgent care (vomiting/diarrhea, etc.) or patients with stable conditions (ear infections, skin concerns, etc.). There may be delays for stable patients. We ask that you keep us informed of your pet’s condition while you wait, especially if you feel that your pet is declining.

A member of our triage team will meet you in the lobby to evaluate your pet. During high times of high patient volume they may complete a brief assessment of your pet and need to return later to complete the full triage process. Once a team member is able, they will review your pet’s history and today’s concerns. They will then take your pet to the treatment floor to obtain vitals like weight and temperature. This process typically takes about 10-15 minutes, but can take longer if other pets with life-threatening emergencies arrive. Many pet owners feel anxious when they can’t accompany their pets during this process, but it allows our team to be efficient and thorough in our assesments. Most pets do very well. If you have any concerns, please relay them to the triage nurse. If your pet historically does not do well at the vet, please let the triage nurse know so that we can make a plan to keep your pet calm and comfortable during this process.

Once completed, a member of the ER team will update you. If a veterinarian is unavailable to examine your pet at this time, the triage team member may bring your pet back to wait with you. This will be dependent on various factors and the team member evaluating your pet can answer any questions or concerns you have. They may be able to give you a tentative wait time, but an emergency room can be unpredictable and wait times can fluctuate in the face of a critical emergency.

A team member will do their best to check in with you and your pet hourly while waiting for a veterinarian to complete an exam. If you feel your pet’s condition is worsening or they develop any further symptoms, please let a member of the front desk know so they can communicate this information.

Please remain in the lobby while your pet is being triaged. If you leave before signing a care estimate, your pet’s care could be delayed. If you wish to leave for any reason, please check in with the front desk.

Meeting with the Doctor

1. When the veterinarian is available to examine your pet, a team member may bring your pet to the treatment area once again to facilitate this exam. Otherwise, you and your pet will be escorted to an exam room where the doctor can examine your pet and go over your concerns and a plan of care for your pet.

2. Once the veterinarian has discussed care options with you, they will put together a written estimate based on your conversation.

3. A team member will be in shortly to review this estimate. If you agree with the estimate, you will be asked to leave the low end of the estimate as a deposit.

4. Once you have left your deposit, you may leave the hospital if you wish as diagnostics and treatments take time to complete. Please do not leave prior to this, as it could cause delays in your pet’s care. If you feel that you must leave before this step is completed, please speak with the front desk staff so arrangements may be made. At any point while your pet is in our hospital if we are unable to reach you, this could result in delays in your pet receiving care, so it is very important that you remain reachable by phone.

Diagnostics and Treatments

  1. Your pet’s veterinarian will discuss any diagnostic results with you once all diagnostics are completed. Based on diagnostic results an adjusted treatment plan and estimate may be provided.

  2. A team member will reach out when it is time to return and discuss discharge instructions.

Hospitalization and Visitation

  1. We can facilitate visits with your pet at the veterinarian's discretion if they are hospitalized overnight. Our priority is to provide your pet with the best care possible. Visitation won’t be allowed if it interferes with treatments, and we may have strict times when visits can occur.

  2. The veterinarian will reach out to you with any diagnostic results, care updates, or changes to your pet’s condition. They perform examinations on all their patients, and often can’t speak with you until they have examined your pet and updated your pet’s chart. Our nursing team is happy to provide updates, but please avoid reaching out for updates from 6 am – 9 am and 6 pm – 9 pm to allow the team time to convey important patient information during shift changes and rounds.

  3. We will reach out to schedule a time for discharge when your pet is ready to go home. Team members may not be available for discharges during rounds and shift changes (6-9 am and pm).


  1. A team member will review the discharges the veterinarian wrote for your pet. They will go over any home care, medication, and other instructions.

  2. You will be asked to sign these discharges to confirm that you understand them.

  3. A reception team member will then collect any remaining balance or refund any overages.

  4. Your pet will then be returned to you. ❤️

We look forward to working with you to provide the best care possible for your pet. If you have any questions or concerns during your visit, please call us at (360) 635-5302.